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Alpine hike – off to happiness

By 19. February 2021No Comments

Alpine hike – off to happiness

Espe­cial­ly in the moun­tains, > the journey is the goal. Because ever­ything you find on the way to stop off is a piece of hap­pi­ness. Which hut you go to hardly matters, but there are of course some that are par­ti­cu­lar­ly worthwhile, e.g.

The Brun­nen­kopf­häu­ser

1,602 m in the Ammer­gau Alps

The Rein­tal­ang­er­hüt­te

1,369 m in the Wet­ter­stein Mountains

The Tegern­seer Hut 

1,650 m in the Mangfall Mountains

The Rap­pen­see­hüt­te

2,091 m in the All­ge­äu­er Alps

The Rei­chen­hal­ler­haus

1,750 m in the Chiem­gau Alps