The Hofer trade makes the farm its customers

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The Hofer trade makes the farm its customers
Pressekonferenz, June 2017

Shop­ping guide, online plat­form and image cam­pai­gn show attrac­tiveness of the shop­ping center Hof: The Hofer trade makes its custo­mers the court!

Hof – The Wer­be­ge­mein­schaft Hof is pro­gres­sing with great steps – an attrac­tive shop­ping guide is com­ple­ted and is accom­pa­nied by the large-scale image cam­pai­gn “We make you the court”. Only a few months have passed since the birth of the new adver­ti­sing com­mu­ni­ty. But the members have already done a lot in this time: the shop­ping guide and the image cam­pai­gn show – for the first time and in printed version – the whole variety of the Hofer shop­ping center. For the first time, Hofer’s retail trade is also pre­sen­ted on a joint plat­form on the Inter­net at, thus pro­vi­ding an over­view of its own product diver­si­ty within a few clicks.
“The new shop­ping guide Hof is an uncom­pli­ca­ted and easy-to-reach service tool for guests, visi­tors and locals alike. In addi­ti­on to the print version, it is also avail­ab­le digi­tal­ly in the so-called “Respon­si­ve Design”, ie inde­pen­dent of the medium used, “exp­lains Lutz Lenn­artz and Bärbel Scher­del, hostess of the” Wein­kis­te “, which form the double point of the new adver­ti­sing com­mu­ni­ty.

Offer and ser­vices – bundled and reco­gniz­ab­le

Nearly 80 par­ti­ci­pa­ting traders and busi­nes­ses inclu­des the first edition, which is going into pro­duc­tion these days. Just as in the online version, the reader finds what he is looking for, edited by indus­try and topic areas. For this, opening times, assort­ment, loca­ti­on and often some other useful details are pro­vi­ded. “As a result, the custo­mer is quick to get an over­view of what Hofer has to offer,” says Ute Fischer from Hofer Stadt­mar­ke­ting­ver­ein, who also sup­ports the project. The layout is based on the cor­po­ra­te design of the city of Hof so that not only is a reco­gni­ti­on reco­gni­zed, but also synergy effects are created.

Image cam­pai­gn shows faces of trade

But the buyer is only one of the new ideas and impul­ses that the adver­ti­sing com­mu­ni­ty is deve­lo­ping to increa­se the quality of the stay in Hof and increa­se the attrac­tiveness as a shop­ping center. With an own image cam­pai­gn, this effort is now widely visible. A total of 12 motifs include the cam­pai­gn, whose message has two mea­nings and thus doubles atten­ti­on. With the state­ment “We make you the court!” The par­ti­ci­pa­ting dealers present them­sel­ves as an attrac­tive part of the Hofer trade and would like to lure visi­tors and guests from near and far to shop­ping in the Saa­le­stadt. The motives of the image cam­pai­gn are the dealers them­sel­ves, in sym­pa­the­tic, authen­tic and invi­t­ing rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ons. They want to draw the atten­ti­on of the city and the region to what Hofer Handel has to offer ever­ything: pro­fes­sio­nal com­pe­tence, short distan­ces a shop­ping expe­ri­ence in a unique city and an enor­mous variety of offers.

City and trade in a boat

The dealers make their custo­mers their farm. However, they also make the farm itself, with its own con­tri­bu­ti­on to the attrac­tive and diverse shop­ping center, “exp­lains Wolf­gang Judas from the agency design­house, which has deve­lo­ped the cam­pai­gn. He stres­ses that shop­ping and the city expe­ri­ence are closely intert­wi­ned, which is why the city and trade are also taking place tog­e­ther. This is ent­i­re­ly true in the slogan “We give the court glow” with which the adver­ti­sing com­mu­ni­ty Hof goes into the race. Accord­ing to Wolf­gang Judas, the overall goal for the city and trade should be to present and posi­ti­on Hof as a strong brand. The purcha­sing manager and the image cam­pai­gn are two decisi­ve pro­jec­ts to imple­ment this process in the long term.

Stadt Hof goes up with co-finan­cing

In order to achieve the set goal, the city court will also signi­fi­cant­ly increa­se its finan­ci­al efforts in the field of image adver­ti­sing for the shop­ping city. Hof’s Lord Mayor Dr. Harald Ficht­ner: “We must jointly com­mu­ni­ca­te the many advan­ta­ges of the shop­ping center. For this reason, the city of Hof will support retail­ing the retail market with EUR 30,000 and has already par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the design of the purcha­sing manager and the image cam­pai­gn with half the amount. We want to honor the finan­ci­al com­mit­ment of the adver­ti­sing com­mu­ni­ty and each retailer through this co-finan­cing. The more invol­ved in trade for our common goals, the more the city will par­ti­ci­pa­te. This is our path for the future – fair and hand in hand. ”

The purcha­sing manager of the city of Hof is now avail­ab­le at on the Inter­net and is con­stant­ly updated and expan­ded there. Printed copies are avail­ab­le, among others, in the Tourist Infor­ma­ti­on Office of the City of Lud­wig­stra­ße 24 as well as in par­ti­ci­pa­ting shops. The images of the poster cam­pai­gn will soon be avail­ab­le for down­load at

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