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Paper for sophisticated people

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Paper for sophisticated people
Frankenpost, November 2015

The desi­gner Wolf­gang Judas visits the Luxe Pack in Monaco. It is one of the most exclu­si­ve pack­a­ging trade fairs.

Kulmbach/Monaco – Only a few people have the honor to attend the Luxe Pack in Monaco, one of the world’s most exclu­si­ve pack­a­ging fairs. The desi­gner Wolf­gang Judas from Gefrees, who works with his Kulm­ba­cher agency Design­house for many well-known com­pa­nies from Ober­fran­ken and beyond, has been given this.

For him, the three days in Monaco are man­da­to­ry, it says in a com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. Among other things, Judas had met in the French coastal town with the hand­ma­de paper manu­fac­tu­rer Gmund. The desi­gner has been cul­ti­vat­ing a close part­ner­ship and fri­end­ship with the company of Tegern­see for many years. Accor­ding to Judas, ever­yo­ne has the goal of being unique and incom­pa­ra­ble. “Mate­ri­als and pro­ces­sing tech­ni­ques play an important role here.” These efforts include contact with the paper desi­gner Bruno Son­der­eg­ger. This is a par­ti­cu­lar task for the crea­ti­on of new prin­ting units. “What you could expe­ri­ence in Monaco is the meta­mor­pho­sis of the brand”, Judas is quoted. Each product has its own history.

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